“Throw away the facade of human skin and let the world know you are one of us, said the stars.”


This book compiles poems written by a person who believes that the sky is not the limit; it never was. It is an expression of the distance traveled by the words between the home built by the human race here and the interstellar forces swarming around the Cosmos. So, the writer has nicely captured the words dipped in stardust and wisdom into beautiful poetries to make you envision beyond the mundane existence of daily life. It will take you to places covered in the space dust that you have accumulated while traveling to different places in this milky way and beyond. The poems will make you see that you are much more than the bones and blood and tissues and this world is much more than your eyes can see. Just like a spell, the words in the poems might make you see the extraordinary you, living under the human skin and also, might set you in the direction which will take you to places that are left unseen and unnoticed by the analytical mind of yours. These poems are more like chants that the writer happened to capture for you to read; so that you have something to look upon, the next time you look up in the sky. It's for you to look at what is hiding in the upper layers of the atmosphere of this blue gem. Sometimes, you just need the eyes to look at what's up there and if you don't have them, even standing on the surface of the moon won't seem magical to you. I hope these poems will give you that kind of light to your eyes.

The stardust in my soulbones book

Published on 11.05.2020




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