Will we make it to the end?

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These days I see the sunlight

entering through the spaces between

the iron bars of my house's black gate,

I'm in hiding from the same world

whose streets I used to run on freely,

whose dust my hair used to play in,

whose alleys I used to walk in late at nights and,

whose hot air used to hear my

M I D - A F T E R N O O N M U S I N G S.

My house is my hidey-hole in

which I wait for the things to get better.

Someday I lose hope and the other days

I turn off the TV and the notifications from

T H E N E W Y O R K T I M E S.

It's like closing the eyes because

you don't want to see how the world

I S F A L L I N G A P A R T,

but it's also like trying to find my way

through the rift with eyes closed.

We will make it to the end.

While being under numerous lockdowns and to this time where we are quarantining ourselves willingly, we had enough time on our hands to think about how are we going to get over this. Is this the end our generation has been talking about since 2012 or we are going to get over it just like we did in the past. Many times we were scared that will this pandemic trigger something much more dangerous; something that we all dread since the world is not exactly at peace either. But then you decide to put your phone aside and stop listening to the news. You feel what you have been craving to feel while being in the middle of this storm; peace. Some of you might say that it's like closing our eyes to the reality that's right in front of us but what if all we need is to close our eyes and trust to get through this.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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