Why now? : A letter to India

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I am Indian people,

you didn’t ask for my religion

when I was screaming India,

India at the top of my lungs in

Wankhede stadium.

You didn’t ask for my religion

when I told my mom & dad

that I am going to join

Indian army to protect my country

from all the possible dangers eyeing it.

You didn’t ask for my religion

when you fill your stomach

with the food grown by me

in the farms of Punjab.

You didn’t ask for my religion

when I was hoping and

praying for the safe landing of

Chandrayaan II on Moon.

You didn’t ask for my religion when

I decided to work for

making India a better place

rather than earning dollars abroad.

Then why now?

I always write about topics that are straight out of my love for the universe, astronomy, and all the astral concepts but this time I felt called to write this piece. I live in New Delhi, India and the protests and riots that went on in this city for more than a week showed me the ugly truth behind the cover of secularity. I heard things from people which I didn't expect them to say and saw things which I never wanted to happen in my city, in my country. I hope you guys give as much love to it as you gave to my other posts.

- Rebekka Kaur

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