What am I?

The maps of the galaxies

imprinted on my soul

& the dirt of distant lands

lingering on my feet

& the taste of exotic but

remote languages on my tongue

says it all.

It tells you that inner walls

of my human skin

has a desert of stellar

dust inhabiting under it

& my heart beats to

the rhythm at which universe

expands in every second.

This is what I am! This is what makes me, ME!! Maybe I don't remember the lands or galaxies I have been a part of but their maps are imprinted on my soul and their dirt is still lingering on my feet as if I just made my trip here a few seconds back! There is something under my human skin that is not human!! It's a desert of stellar dust and my heart is beating at the rate at which the universe expands 🌠

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Picture by Jake Weirick


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