We shall meet again

spiritual Soulmates stargazing

Do you wish to come here again,

or shall we depart to another world,

another life now?

He asked her while they both

were on a deathbed after

80 years of being married.

So, you are still not done with me, huh?

I will never be done with you,

he said letting out a sigh.

I will be the one dressed in blue

with long amber hairs.

My eyes will be blue just like the

color of your shirt,

that I used to steal

so that I could smell like you.

They will remind you of winter,

but not the kind which will

give you frostbite.

When you will touch my skin

it will be warm just like the sun

which keeps you warm in

W I N T E R A F T E R N O O N.

I will smell like forest because

that is where my home will be,

among the flowers which can fly

and leaves which can talk.

Magic won't be just a fiction there

and spirits won't be an illusion.

We would pray to stars and I

assure you they won't be very far.

Promise me that you will stop by

when you come across me just

like you did this time.

"I promise," he said.

S E E Y O U O N T H E O T H E R S I D E.

This poem is actually inspired by the series I was recently watching. It was nothing about love though but still, something about it felt familiar and this is what I ended up writing. It's a conversation about two people who are on their deathbed and are contemplating how they should meet in their next life and whether they should come back to this same planet or move to the other one. You know what they ended up deciding but I want to ask you that do you believe that there is something beyond this life, this planet? As you can see that at least I definitely believe that this is not it and we are not pointless. There is more to us than what meets the eyes.

Let me know what do you think about it in the comments below


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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