Top 5 short poems for those who love stars

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

My love for stars and all the celestial objects in the sky is not hidden from the people who are following me for a while now and if you are also one of those people, I'm sure that this post won't leave you feeling disappointed.

1. She is like a stardust

2. For her, the stars are just a blink away.

3. Meet me in the middle of, where light meets the dark.

4. Stars, galaxies, moon and you.

5. The stars and her soul, oh my!

6. The aesthetics of stars in constellations we have found till now.

7. She will make every star in the sky fall in her eyes.

8. Sit under the stars with a mug of coffee in your hands

9. Does the moon love every star in the sky equally?

10. This world is an utmost blasphemy with stars so far.

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