Top 5 short inspirational poems for those who have their home among the stars

I have relied on stars far too much. In uncertain times, I look at them to know that this world is small; just a tiny speck of blue in the vast cosmos, and in times which are certain, I thank them. They were always my home when this place and the people living in it seemed foreign and I will always be grateful for their light, for that light has guided me to the right places in the darkest of nights.

1. Even the stars have drawn their energy from known and unknown sources at the beginning stages of their journey.

2. Stars will be your ultimate guide. Their light will take you to the places you will be able to call home.

3. The stars fill the chasms of our soul in the most beautiful ways.

4. Fancy the stars, the moon, and the sun and I promise you that you will never be alone again.

5. Stars are always listening, always seeing the dramatic outcomes of the our dramatic existence.

We can always depend on the stars, cant we?

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