Top 5 quotes about falling in love

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Love; there is no way of putting this feeling into a handful of words and I won't do the disgrace of trying to do that. But, I wouldn't leave it at something about which nothing is written because love is the reason you and I exist and it's the reason everything which is yet to exist will come in the shape too.

1. Only if we could choose whom to fall in love with. The heart makes the choice without the consent of one whose body it was beating in for so many years.

2. The whirlwind of emotions becomes your home and there is no way you would go anywhere leaving it behind.

3. Your whole existence is in jeopardy when you fall in love with someone because when you do fall in love, the way in which you exist changes forever.

4. The fact you have been or will travel this world or the other will never change the person whom your soul is really in love with.

5. There is no way to unlove the one your soul gets stuck on.

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