Top 5 poems on anxiety

girl crying because of anxiety

The earth was anxious,

why won't she be?

The night was moonless

and stars were hidden behind the clouds.

There was no light.

This is what anxiety feels like.

Someone was banging on the walls,

I heard it.

It was a continuous series of thuds.

Little did I know,

It was my soul tearing down

the walls of my anxious mind.

My anxiety chased me out

of the tunnel of a black hole

I was living in.

If not for it,

I would have never chased the

light of billions of stars floating in a river called

M I L K Y W A Y.

My anxiety was the chasms and

pits made by me and people whom I knew.

It took me falling in them

over a hindered times that I wasn't

meant to jump over them,

It was time for me to fill them so that

I can walk over them once again.

All these years,

I have come to understand,

Anxiety is the fire alarm gone

off at the look of an ice cube,

that if it melts it will turn into water,

upon boiling of which it will turn into smoke.

The fault isn't in the ice cube,

the alarm needs to be repaired.

Anxiety and depression are real but most of us fail to understand this. I have seen people caring for their kids, partners, friends, parents, and even employees for a simple headache but when it comes to anxiety and depression it doesn't seem real to other people. It's not because other people don't love you or they are not empathetic, it's because they don't understand. There are no immediate physical consequences of anxiety. You are fighting this battle all in your head until you start drowning in it to the point that it's not breathable anymore. A lot of people are forced to put on a smile and be normal when they are going through something like this because they know that no one is going to even try to understand them even if they try to explain. These people sometimes end up taking their lives or are not actually living their life even if they are breathing. Just promise yourself today that when next time your partner, kids, or friend tells you that they don't feel okay mentally, you will hear them out. You might not be able to feel what they feel but don't let them go unheard because it takes real courage for a person going through something like this to speak up about it. So, if they are trying to tell you something like this that means you are the only one they trust and you might be their only or last hope. You will never tell them mental health is overrated, just get back to your work and you will be fine. If therapy is what you need to save their sanity, you will take them to a therapist. Because, if they lose their sanity you will lose them.


Written by: Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Anna Abola on Instagram

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