Top 5 poems for those who love traveling

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I love traveling and all the experiences and freshness to our perspectives that come along with it. Meeting new people who live on the other side of the geographical location we belong to and still having a sense of knowing that we still belong to the same place and have some sense of home in some way. This post is for those whose soul is all about wanderlust.

1. I wish I had dived deeper to the bottom of that ocean

poems on wanderlust by Rebekka Kaur

2. You do not need a passport to quench your wanderlust, you can find it what you are looking for in the teeny tiny streets in which you live.

wanderlust poetry aesthetic

3. That maddening hunger of leaving the place you have always called home is not wrong. You will always carry home in your spirit. Always!

stay wild and free traveling poem

4. Book your tickets to the small towns and places which are not in touch with the life as we know it.

traveling poetry aesthetic by Rebekka Kaur

5. Travel to the place your soul aches for and not the ones listed top on the list of places you goot have to visit in your lifetime.

poetry on traveling and exploring by Rebekka Kaur

The lust for traveling or I would rather say wanderlust is not just a love of seeing places that are hot on the list of travel destinations. Wanderlust is for the soul and people who have read the poems know what I'm talking about by now.

So, let me know in the comments below about the place your soul longs for?

Mine is bahamas!

It's all about the oceans, always!

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