Top 10 love quotes for people who are stargazers

When a person who is all about the mumbo jumbo going up there in the night sky falls in love, they will literally see galaxies in the eyes of their lover. The skin of their lover will become a landscape of stars and in their voice, they will feel the cosmos rumbling.

1. Her heart is the place where it all begins.

fiction quotes about stars

2. She is a born rebel of this universe and this universe loves people like her.

love quotes about stars

3. We move universes when we are in love! don't we?

quotes about stars by Rebekka Kaur

4. She is in love with the things which are infinite and indefinite.

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5. For the stars under your skin are my home now!

star quotes about love

6. This surely does sound like an infinity!

quotes about love and stars

7. A star coated in sugar; is there a better thing than that?

star love quotes, star quotes

8. Not just the same houses on earth, I want the same cosmic address for us.

quotes about cosmos and stars

9. Someone has to stop the wild stars!

aesthetic quotes about love and stars

10. Well, they are the perfect lighting for reading the letters they get from their person.

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Mine is Milky way (of course, lol) and Messier 82 (it's a starburst galaxy)

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