Thirty things to do in quarantine: Quarantine log #20

It’s Thursday and I cannot believe that weekend is just so close already. I just had my morning cup of cocoa milk. Even if it’s 4:22 PM right now I will still say it’s morning because I just woke up. The weather is super hot and I wish it would rain.

So, yesterday I finally baked some cookies I have been talking about and they were like super tasty. I’m embarrassed by the shape they were baked in because they were not like exactly flat and round but they were tasty and I guess that is everything which matters. I think I’m going to share the result in my Instagram story. One thing I have learned at home this quarantine is making healthy alternatives of some yummy snacks at home and these cookies were like totally a recipe from a blog and here it is (just in case you want to give it a try too).

Today we are going to talk about 30 things you can do to turn your quarantine days into your best days:

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  1. Meditate because it will keep you in present and happy.

  2. Cook at home because nothing is better than yummy meals cooked with the ingredients you are comfortable with and trust me the process is fulfilling.

  3. Read because there is no better time than this to increase your knowledge bank.

  4. Start something new like a YouTube channel or a blog if you always wanted to do it. This is the best time because you are at home.

  5. Watch documentaries on things you were always interested in like space, cooking, Mayans, climate change. I personally use discovery plus for this and it’s amazing. So, check it out.

  6. Give your home a different look. Even if there is no way you can go and shop outside, you can search for some home decor DIYs on Pinterest and give your room or even your whole house a different look.

  7. Talk to people you always wanted to stay in touch with but never got time to talk to. It can be your friends and family.

  8. Organize your digital mess and by this I mean your overloaded email, your phone’s photo gallery full of screenshots and pictures you never took the back up of, or even the folders on your pc or laptop which are full of useless things. You can also organize your long unwatched watch list on YouTube, a lot of saved posts on Instagram, or even the old bookmarked pages on your browser. Oh! And don’t forget to sort out your playlists too!

  9. Clean everything. Not just because it’s good to be hygienic at this time but also don't forget to take a look at your storeroom, your attic, or the drawers filled with expired hand creams and empty refills.

  10. Stargaze, it’s the best. If you have access to a balcony or a terrace or a yard, take a cup of your favorite drink and look at stars only to realize how insignificant our world could be from up there.

  11. Take an online course. You can do that from Udemy or skillshare. I’m saying that because I have used both and you can learn something new about the things you want to learn about while sitting at your home.

  12. Listen to podcasts! Spotify has got you covered for that or if you already have a preference for a certain app, listen on that.

  13. Skincare! I mean how can you not do that. No longer you can say that you don’t have time to look after your skin. I’m sure everyone will compliment you on how great it looks when this will be over.

  14. Bake something if you can! I personally tried cookies and cake till now and I’m not going to stop just here. I really loved the entire process.

  15. Have a date with your beau! If you live together, cook a great meal, dress up, grab some candles, and set them up on a table with the food. I’m sure it will be fun and if you do not live with them, do the same on facetime. (just make sure your wifi works)

  16. Binge on the series you always wanted to! I mean this is a must.

  17. Do yoga or run or whatever works for you! Release some endorphins in your body and stay fit.

  18. Take a social media detox if you need it! I myself needed some time off from Instagram so I did it.

  19. Do financial planning. Since you have got so much time on your hands, you can look for ways to invest money for your future.

  20. Organize your wardrobe if it’s a mess.

  21. Create a vision board! Collect images of how you want your future self to look like from Pinterest and create a collage of all of those images and if you have a printer you can take a print out and create a physical vision board too.

  22. Eat only healthy for a day or a week. Whatever works for you because you no longer have an excuse which goes as, " You were out, so you had to eat."

  23. Unfollow accounts on Instagram which does not inspire you!

  24. Visualize about how you want your future to look like.

  25. Look at old photographs of your childhood and feel happy about how innocent and cute you were.

  26. Download trials of software you always wanted to have! Chances are that the company might have extended the trial period.

  27. Play multiplayer games with friends sitting far from you!

  28. Give yourself a haircut! You will have to recover if it ends up wrong!

  29. Do a prank on your loved ones and laugh about it all day long! I did it too.

  30. Write a kindle book. I’m saying because I have done it too. Read it here!

I hope that this was helpful!

S E E Y A !! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits: @findingtakashi on Tumblr

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