The york city

Ruins of post apocalyptic world

I'm at the 5th avenue of

T H E Y O R K C I T Y,

at least this is what the

broken board says.

"It used to look like a dream,"

my mother said.

It was hard to imagine it

as something better than

it looked right now.

I couldn't share her vision.

It was something unimaginable

for someone born in the

P O S T - P A N D E M I C W O R L D.

"Is this world not good as it used to be once, mama?"

I asked looking at what was a great

piece of architecture now but for her

just a ruin of the world she was part of.

"No, it's better in ways you would never understand."

She said breathing in the scent of

old visuals of the old world which

will soon be forgotten.

This poem is about a girl born in the post-pandemic world; after a pandemic has brought the world population to less than a half. She is at the fifth avenue of new york city but she calls it the york city because this is what remained of the name on board she is looking at. The girl is with her mother and when she decides to stop by and just absorb through her eyes how one particular building used to look like back in the time. The girl being born in the post-pandemic world is unaware about how it must be like. So, she asks her mother if the old world was any better and her mother answers, "No, this new world is better in ways you would never understand."


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Fluox3tine on devian art

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