The weekend

Messy room in weekend

There is something special about

Friday nights and Sunday afternoons,

They smell like peace.

The time slows down its

pace in those hours and if

you are lucky,

your mind will be intoxicated

under the effect of those

S E D A T E D M O M E N T S.

The tea smells like melatonin

while you gulp down on

each and every word you have been

reading in that book,

and your soul gets mesmerized

by the silence of those moments,

Let yourself have a weekend like that.

I spent a beautiful Sunday by indulging in some self-care and cleaning my room and this helps me a lot because now, I'm ready to take over the whole week like a boss. I think that rather than labeling weekends as party days, we should do whatever we feel like (even if it's going to a party). It's just that don't do things because someone else wants to do them because that way, you won't have a single day to yourself. This poem primarily focuses on, Friday nights and Sunday afternoons and I believe that they are the best because on Friday night you know that you have a whole weekend for yourself after working for the whole week and Sunday afternoon is just so good for spending some time in peace with yourself, just recharging your mind and body and thinking about how beautiful the whole weekend has been. Maybe even catch a nap!

Let yourself have those days.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Mienar on Pinterest

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