The secret of human evolution: Origin by Dan brown

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Origin is a point or a place where something begins or is derived.

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Front cover of the book Origin by Dan Brown

Origin is 468-page novel published in the late 2017 written by author Dan brown. now before I start reviewing the story, let’s start with the cover. This book has got a very interesting cover and I actually assessed it after finishing the story.

Here you will notice three things:

1. The beautiful construction just under the title of the book.

2. The letter O which is giving an image of an endless spiral.

3. The subtle design on the hard cover copy of this edition. There are different editions to this book and the design can be present in different form or at different place. for example; the edition I own had this design under the paper cover of the hardcover edition.

Sagarda Familia from book origin cathedral from book origin
Sagardia Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Talking about the construction on the front cover of the title of the book, it is Sagardia Familia Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Spain. The church is designed by a Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi which is still work in progress. Here is clear picture of the site.

Staircase from the book origin
Dangerously spiral staircase in Sagardia Familia

The second thing which is the distinct spiral design in contrast with letter O of origin is the infamous spiral staircase of Sagardia Familia. This staircase comes in the list of top 10 Scariest stairs in the world. Here is an image showing the staircase of Sagardia Familia.

Origin book cover explained patterns on book origin
Patterns on the hard cover of book "ORIGIN"

Third is, the subtle design on the cover of the book. It depicts Barcelona Panots, which are hexagonal paving tile that are used for the sidewalks in Barcelona. When arranged together properly, the tiles depict an undersea landscape, which includes sea flora, plankton, and other microorganisms.

Now, coming to the story.

As you must have already sensed the story is set in Spain and it revolves basically around three cities in the country which are Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid.The story starts with an introduction to the scientist and futurist Mr. Edmond Kirsch who also happens to an atheist is climbing a mountain of Montserrat in Catalonia to have a meeting with three of the most important people in the world of religion; Bishop Antonio Valdespino who is very strong figure in Spain not just in term of political standards due to his trusted friendship with the king of Spain but also due to his influence over catholic values around the country, Rabbi Yehuda Koves who is a well-known Jewish Philosopher and Allamah, Syed al–Fadl who is an honored Islamic scholar. The nature of the meeting is secretive and hence all three of them are told to take a vow of silence which forbids them to discuss the things they will get to know in the meeting with anyone else. Now, Mr. Edmond kirsch is certain that the information which will be discussed in the meeting with these three religious figures will shake the pillars of religions around the world for forever.After the meeting you will be happy to witness an age-old protagonist of Dan brown novels, Mr. Robert Langdon. He is a both teacher and friend to Mr. Kirsch. Back when Mr. Kirsch was still a student, Robert used to teach him at Stanford and he knew that Edmond kirsch has both the courage and intelligence to do wonderful things and yes, he was right. Your first meeting with Mr. Robert Langdon in the story will be at Guggenheim Museum where Edmond Kirsch is hosting a live event. He is going to go public with a very important discovery which answers humanity most asked question:

Where do we come from; where are we going?

This story is about an age-old war between religion and science which never seems to end. Will this war get to an end in this story? Who has the correct answer to the humanity’s most asked question in the world? Religion or science? Did god create humans or we are a result of some fortunate series of chemical reactions? And what about AI? Will it bring an end to human civilization?May be not in the real world but you will find answers to your questions in this extra ordinary piece of writing by Dan Brown.To find out why an atheist climbed a mountain to meet those three people who were known as men of religion ? What did he discuss with them and how it was going to shake the pillars of religions around the world? What kind of discovery it was? What is Mr. Robert Langdon role in this story? Will Edmond be able to make this discovery go worldwide? Will it be able to make that strong impact to shake the beliefs of religion in people minds? Will Bishop Valdespino, Rabbi Yehuda and Allamah, Syed Al-Fadl will be able to stop Mr. Kirsch? Read Origin.

My rating for the book will be 8/10

The book is available on amazon for purchase.

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