The search

Search, search for the hint

of the existence of something

bizarre o human beyond the

borderline of the oceanic blue

body you were born on and

above the horizon where

the dust of stars rambles

wildly in space.

search whether the existence

of a species like you is fated

to live in isolation,

holding the broken chords of truth your

ancestors handed over to you,

giving you an iota of hope

that something extraterrestrial is out there.

Search before the universe expands

and stars which guided you to look

above the dome which captures your curiosity

fades billions of light-years away

leaving you with an empty black canvas.

Do you believe in the existence of something extraordinary out there?

Yesterday, I was reading that in the 16th century, the Italian monk Giordano Bruno proposed that the stars were other suns, each of which could have its own solar systems. Life could even populate these other earths. Believing that the universe was infinite, Bruno also insisted that it could have no center. Bruno was tried by the Roman inquisition for these and other heretical beliefs and burnt at the stake in 1600.

Well, I'm glad that at least we are living in a time where it's okay to hold such beliefs! đź‘˝

Let me know your views in the comments below!

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