The passenger seat of 90's merc

old mercedes benz aesthetic

"How will my 90's Mercedes

carry the weight of moments

we spent together, Elena?"

I ask her before she lets the

tragedy come out of her mouth.

"S O S E L L I T. "

I sigh away the last chunk of hope

my body has held back while

she stepped out,

leaving my passenger seat of the dreams

we had envisioned together empty forever.

But, it wasn't so easy I guess.

As she was leaving,

a piece of her scarf got stuck in the door,

The car had its hopes too.

But, they too were torn apart

when she didn't bother to

open the gate again and rather allowed

the scarf to tear apart because she wanted to let go.

"At least she left something for you,"

I said to the car while picking up a piece of her scarf,

The car which has carried the weightless

of our dreams from the past two years.

There she was,

sitting in a new Bentley with a new man,

I saw it in my rearview mirror.

Maybe trying different flavors of wines was not her only hobby,

I thought as I roared the engine to life again.

We will dream of new things,

I said to my car

throwing that torn piece forever from its window.

I'm writing something like this for the very first time I guess and I really liked it because honestly, I did want to write something which was different than my daily content. This poem is about a girl who is leaving a person with whom she has been for the past two years and the reason behind that is very obvious in the poem. Her moving into a new Bentley with a new man signifies that and there she lefts the car and the man who loved her alone to carry the weight of the dreams they had envisioned together. "Maybe trying different flavors of wine was not her only hobby", he says as he realizes that it was very evident that she will leave way before she actually did it.

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Written by Rebekka Kaur

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