The milky way

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

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And if one day in future

I sit beside someone

who is from the other

places in this universe, you know.

Munching on the noodles

in a restaurant without

feeling the stares of

humans walking by,

that would be a world

worth thousands of heavens, I guess.

When holding the hands

and feeling the skin of

our outer space neighbours won't

be odd because us and them

would be made of the

stardust built up in the same galaxy;

the milky way.

What kind of world would that be? Where you will see souls roaming under the skin of not just humanity or something earthly but something which is unfamiliar for us as of now. I don't know how far is the world when we will make our first contact with "Extra terrestrials". It could be in 10 minutes from this moment or 10 years or may be decades but it's there, somewhere in future. Maybe some people find it even absurd to think that something other than us exists out there or the fact that there are other worlds out there inhabited by beings unknown to us. But that's okay because irrespective of the fact that we believe in it or not, it's going to surprise all of us.


Poem by Rebekka Kaur

Picture: @tofuandsushi from Instagram

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