The lost parts

There is a desert of exotic stardust

on the brink of the universus

you are breathing in,

Would you dare to travel there?

Would you dare to find there the parts of yourself which you lost

on a voyage to the planet,

you thought would be sane to live on?

Would you dare to fix those parts back?

Since now that you got to know that sanity is

not the ultimate goal of the person

churning universes and galaxies.


I would gladly take back what's mine

& travel to what I thought was sane;

The earth.

& spend the rest of my life spilling the

beans on the parts we have lost in search of

sanity among the whirlwind of stars, moons, galaxies

and more.

- Rebekka Kaur

Universus is a latin word for the word universe. I have used it here, deliberately because I wanted to use a word which I haven't used so much at this point but still something understandable.

We all want to be sane, I guess. Sanity is all that we are searching for but what if that's not the whole point of creation. What if Insanity has got all the secrets and answers to the questions we are finding answers to? What if in search of sanity we have lost pieces of ourselves which had a major chunk of our true selves.

The question is that if you get a chance to fix those pieces back, would you dare to?

Picture credit: @tmdesigns_ (Instagram)

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