The fate of Mars

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

It's been billion years since the universe got destroyed once again and once again an intelligent life form took birth in our solar system. The red planet called Mars which was on the way to be colonized last time is not a planet anymore. It's a moon to some other planet where an intelligent life form is thinking of ways to become interplanetary civilization once again.

Mars as moon terraforming mars red planet red moon blood moon
Mars as a moon to some other planet

“Hey, mama!! There is something under the ice? I want it! Please! Can you take it out for me?”

“What is it, sweetie? I’m working. Please tell your dad if he is around,” Pesa waited for her daughter to say something in return but didn’t hear anything. When Pesa turned back, she saw her daughter looking at the ice floor with her eyes full of awe and wonderment.

“What in the world she has found?” Pesa thought to herself.

“Miya, baby what is it?” Pesa said with confusion obvious in her tone.

But Miya didn’t answer and instead, she started giggling to herself.

"Okay, I’m coming, sweetie."

“Mama! Take it out.” Miya said, putting her little hands on the ice floor.

“Move your hands, Miya! Let me see what is it?”

When Pesa saw it, she realized it was just a little chip which was shining under the ice because of sun rays falling on it.

“Step aside Miya. Let me take it out and see what is it.”

“Okay! Mama!!”

“Go find your father till then and tell him to come here with you, okay?”

“There won’t be any need for that!! I’m here my sweets!! What’s going on?”

“Nothing. Miya just wants me to take this little chip kind of thing out of the ice for her. Let’s see what is it. I don’t want to miss out on anything. It’s our first time on our moon and little things can lead us to big discoveries.”

“Yeah! Go ahead, darling!!”

It hardly took 2 minutes for Pesa to dig it out and it was a very small metal chip.

“What it could be, Hills?”

“Let’s check it out in the lab. Sun is setting down anyway. We will do the rest of the exploration around this area tomorrow.”

“But momma! I want it!!” Miya declared in her baby innocent voice.

“Yes, baby!! We will give you. Let’s go home first. Go, get in the craft.”

“Hills, please check it as soon as we step in the home or I won’t be able to even sleep.”

“As you say, mam!!” Hills smiled, looking at his wife.

As soon as they reached home Pesa told hills to get to the work of checking the chip once while she puts Miya to bed.

Hills went to the lab and started checking it, but there was nothing extraordinary in it. It was just a regular microchip made of things easily available back on their home planet.

“Did you find anything, darling?” Miya asked cheerfully as she was back in her comfy clothes and was trying to tie her hair up.

“No baby. There is nothing helpful in it yet. The only question I have regarding this microchip is how did it end up here?”

“Hmm… we will figure that out once we know what is it. Okay, let me check it once under the magnifier and then we are good to let it go and let Miya play with it. Cool?”

“Cool. Here you go.” Hills handed over the chip to Pesa while caressing her face.

Pesa put it under the scope and within a few seconds, it was adamant on her face that whatever she saw was going to change a lot of things. Hills realized that Pesa has found something for sure and as he walked towards her, he couldn’t help but ask, “what is it?”

“Mission Mars 2020, There are names of millions of people on it. Someone has been here before.”

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