The continuum of stars

The continuum of stars poetry by Rebekka Kaur

So, listen to me once,

My mother said.

Listen to me before I go

on the journey of counting

the stars in the constellations &

nebulas & galaxies in a tin can

which is going to fly across the

space you stare at every night.

Unaware of the continuum these

stars have inherited since the

birth of this sky, I asked.

How long will it take?

Will you be back before the

approaching autumn turns our leaves in the backyard dry?

Of course, she said.

and I promise to bring back a

Interstellar souvenir.

A shining rock maybe

which you can add to your


Really mam? Yes, she said

knowing that the trip she was

going to make might be one way

& all she is leaving behind is a

heap of unfulfilled promises in

the eyes of 4 years old.

So, she left without turning to

look at the earth for one last time.

The earth she came on as an

interstellar tourists a few years back.

She sat on the spaceship which

came from her home planet &

Flew away while I muttered under my breath;

"I don't want the shining rock, just came back soon, mommy."

- Rebekka Kaur

This is a poem about a mother who was just a tourist a few years back on a planet called earth and tourists are supposed to go back. The child here is something which happened while she was trying to explore the world of humans down here and now it was time to go back. But instead taking her child back to her home as a souvenir all she did was a promise to bring back a souvenir for her which might not be true after all.

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Photo by Nathan Duck


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