The blue city

The blue city poem by Rebekka Kaur

Blá borg,

The city of thousand

stars which is under the

deep lagoon beneath the

the shade of which is a safe

haven for the people whom

skin is not thick enough to hide

that their souls are adorned with

the luminary dust of the moons,

the stars, the interstellar clouds &

much more than that.

Therefore, when the two suns;

"a self radiating celestial body"

of that city shines,

the universe under their

skin basks making one thing

more apparent,

You are made of stardust being

churned in the endless infinite

fields of cosmos.

- Rebekka Kaur

Blá borg; it's an Icelandic word for blue city. The city is under a beautiful blue lagoon. It's a home for people who have a fair share of the universe in their bones and souls. How beautiful it must be! I think it's marvelous when some species are so close to their origin. That species is never lost! And it's the most wonderful thing about them. I wish the human race as a whole was also close to the source of their creation.

Do you think it already is? Let me know your views in the comments below.

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Picture from Valerian : The city of thousand stars


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