The apartment

Standing in a white room,

I looked outside the window

which was at the back of

an apartment to look at the

far less used alley,

This is going to be my room,

I told myself listening to nothing

but just plain silence outside.

It's just an apartment and not

A H O M E Y E T.

But, still the stores in the

market complex nearby it

feel familiar and the trees have

already started telling me about

which direction the wind is

going to move next,

I am already sleepy listening to

the raindrops which will fall on the

glass of windowpane in the near future,

and the stray cat living in the

block is already purring in anticipation

of a new human after meeting my eyes,

Feels like it will feel good to call it home.

A few years back, I went to see an apartment which was a kilometer or two from my current house and I loved it there. I remember standing in a room with white walls and a huge window. When I saw that room, I knew it was perfect for me (honestly, the whole house was), but that room was so peaceful because first, it had a window facing an alley which was not very much used by people and second since that alley was less used part it made the room so peaceful even after opening the window. So, that apartment was perfect and I knew that soon I would make it home.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: NK illustrates

Although I cannot find any links to any of their account online, I would like to add the due credits ♡

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