Survival isolation

sitting on porch with cat in rain

I stand on my porch

in the middle of the night

looking at rain trying

to drench every corner

of my dry city.

But, here I'm standing

under the white night light,

trying not to get

soaked in this pour.

I wish to go out

B U T, I B E T T E R N O T

because that's the only way I make

sure that I survive.

These days the winds and

rain wait at my doorstep,

touching the mere boundaries of my house.

Neither they can get in nor I

can come out.

It's 2020 and this year has been weird. We have been living in isolation away from people whom we love and not able to do we things we love to do. Whether it was going out and clubbing or sitting by the ocean or even shopping in stores. This poem is about a person who always used to get excited about rains and enjoy the weather by all different sorts of activities but after being in quarantine for 3 months the isolation is getting to her head. It rains outside but it always waits at her doorstep waiting for her to come out but she cannot because that's the only way she makes sure that she survives.

Do you feel being out in the sun and feeling the raindrops touching your face too?

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Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Unknown

If this picture belongs to you or anyone else you know, please contact me and I will happily add the due credits.

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