Street food

Asian Street food market

I remember feeling the spices of

all the foods we had on the

tip of my tongue,

standing on the stalls of all

sort of street food we used to

crave on Friday nights.

But, I also remember how

it's taste used to dissipate if

you said, "let's get it packed,

we will eat at home."

I don't particularly remember

the last time we were sitting in

the car holding hands and

anticipating for the food to be dropped,

but I cannot forget you turning

the AC on because the food was too

hot and our mouths would burn.

How crazy it was to travel miles

but still going gaga over the food

stalls in C-4 block.

Let's go back there again, love.

I promise not to steal the food

from your plate when I send you

to get an extra packet of sauce.

This poem is inspired by the love of street food we all have. This is the most prominent detail we are missing from the world we lived in before we were forced to be in quarantine. We all have our own distinct memories with the street food, some people venture out alone on weekends to feel the taste of local foods in their mouths while the others hold hands of their partner and laugh on silly things with their mouths full of food they love and some have the memory of fooling around with their friends and discussing whose turn it is to pay for the food while still eating it. Eating food from all the places I want is going to be my first task once things go back to normal in my country.

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Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Nelson wu on Instagram

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