Stellar dig

stellar dig by Rebekka Kaur, Poem on universe, poem on stars

She is a stellar miner,

digging deep in the surfaces

of ancient stars for the remnants

of the earth like worlds

they must have eaten

up once in their fury,

because she knows

that behind this beauty

might be cauldron

waiting to consume

everything in its trajectory.

So, when she hits the

thin crust under which the

zillion of years old worlds

are buried frozen,

heavens broke loose filling

the empty space with

stardust hundreds of universes old.

There are stars which lightened up the whole world once have gulped down those same worlds. The stars who were fuel for the living and breathing worlds have turned into red giants, a complete nightmare for those same worlds. So, she knows that behind this gleaming beauty could be the very end of everything. She knows that this beauty could be hiding an entire different face which eventually shows up and in its core are the frozen worlds hundreds of universes old waiting to be rescued.

- Rebekka Kaur

Picture credit: @mr.kalopsia from Instagram

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