Stars, 2050

wearing spacesuit in rain while sitting on grass

It's a cacophony of dust settled in

the clouds and the rumbling

thunder of sky.

But, I'm okay because I know

it's gonna rain,

after which I will see the

S T A R S.

They fire up the sky inked

in black with their light and

strike my eyes with a vision of space,

which is difficult to perceive

from the ground.

I'm a human living in an

apartment of the city of smoke,

we call it New Delhi.

it's the year 2050 and I am standing

on my window wearing a breathing

helmet waiting to take a glimpse

of the stars through my visor.

I wish I was wearing a space helmet

instead, because it's time

T O L E A V E.

This poem is set in the year 2050, where climate change has changed the state humans live in around the whole world. Someone in the city called New Delhi which is situated in India and is also called city of smoke is standing on the window waiting for the rain to come and clear up the sky. It's the only time when stars are visible or otherwise smoke and dust has covered the whole city making it very hard to observe the stars from the surface of the earth.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Unknown

Please contact me if this picture belongs to you, I would love to add the much-deserved credit ♡

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