Star talks

Star talks by Rebekka Kaur, Astral poems, poems on stars

I am sitting in the starlit

boulevard of the universe

counting the flying saucers

passing by,

1…2…3…4…& so on.

The sun never shines here

but that’s okay.

The silver lining of my

soul needs the incandescent

chatter of the stars up there.

Yeah, they talk to me.

All of them have a story

of their own,

The universe is contracting,

Inch by inch the stars are

coming closer to speak

their hearts out,

They say they are in love with me,

This universe is in love with me,

in love with a human.

The universe fell in love with me while I was counting the flying saucers passing by in the sky full of celestial artifacts. So, maybe the universe was only expanding because it was running away from the humans made out of its dust not paying any heed to the magnificent tales it has got to tell and then there was me. I was just looking at the silver light they bath my soul in and trying to listen if there is anything up there. In that moment the universe contracted a bit to take a peek at who might be knocking at its door.

This is the story of a universe falling in love with a human.

- Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits: @tmdesigns_ from Instagram

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