Soul place

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I am stuck in a matrix

of dreams & descending on

a heavenly body which might

not be so heavenly after all

because there stones fall from

the sky & its moon pulls on

the magma underneath the

the land we walk on rather than

the ocean back on earth but

was it always like that?

I keep walking in search

of the answer until I

have almost circled a quadrant

of that planet,

Hunting through what

is left of it; just debris.

And that is when I come

across a cave studded with

crystal radiating a glint of

how marvelous the birth

place of my soul was once.

I was on a journey to find the lineage of my soul. Not of the blood and flesh which is the outfit of the whole universe inside me. So, I made my way through the matrix of dreams and descended on the body which was once very heavenly. But now the moon pulls on the magma underneath the land and it rains stones. So, i search for something which is still left of the heaven it was once and i came across a cave studded with crystals radiating the beauty this planet it was once.

- Rebekka Kaur

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