meteorite in the city's night sky

The stars whisper my name

E V E R Y N I G H T,

and it's different every single time.

I ask them, why?

and they tell me about the

lives I had under different aliases

in the span of 66 seconds of

the universal clock time?

66 seconds? I ask.

Yes, and it's just been one

second, since you have

stepped in this life.

I couldn't fathom the universal

space-time design?

So, as I looked into the shambolic

map of stars in the night,

I ask them where the next 20 seconds

are going to take me for a ride?

The abyss between us stars,

has the answer to every question

you will have in each and every one of your life.

L O O K C A R E F U L L Y.

This poem is about a girl who is talking to the stars and is weirded out by the fact that why the stars call her by different names every night? Then the stars tell her about all the different aliases she had in different places of this universe in just under sixty-six seconds. Sixy-six? she asks. Yes, they tell her. But there is something else she wanna asks. She wanna asks where the next 20 seconds are gonna take her for the ride and the answer lies in the abyss between the stars which looks like an empty space.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: Unknown

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