I am in the mood to drown

in this mayhem;

this ocean of silence around us

and when I finally hit the floor,

and breakdown into pieces,

I want the ocean to fabricate me

once again with its salty crystals

seasoned on the core of my consciousness,

and it's waves flooding my bones

from inside of my soul.

Let me lose myself in it before

this ear-piercing silence

empty's me and when I come back,

I promise you will hear an ocean

roaring inside of me.

There will be no more silence.

Today was overwhelming, as it's been more than 6o days that I haven't set a foot outside. I guess that I have finally started to miss being out there. Feeling the sun on my face, playing with our dog in the park, and just listening to the hubbub of people around us, looking for a book in the book store and looking outside the moon following our car every night when we used to come from somewhere late. It's so quiet outside that it has started getting to my head and that is what made me write this poem.

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Written by Rebekka Kaur

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