Salvation of AI

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Managing Director: So, here we go again!! The whooping sale of female artificial assistants in the market compared to the continuous fall in the sale of male artificial assistants is remarkable. I suggest that we stop the production of male operated AI immediately. It’s not of any use to us or our customers.

CEO: Cool, what do you suggest to us Dorin as our Marketing Manager?

Dorin: I suggest the same, sir. Why do we have to create something which our customers don’t want?

CEO: So, you all suggest that we shut down the production of Alex from this year and focus on the betterment of Alexa alone.

Board of directors: Yes! We agree.

Managing Director: People use this intelligence for their assistance and 94% of the human population prefers female assistants over males because they find it more appealing and polite. According to the data people are not finding male artificial assistants very pleasing to work with.

CEO: It’s done then. We shut down the production of Alex starting from the next quarter. This meeting...

Suddenly, there is a knock on the door.

CEO: Who is it?

Alexa: May I come in sir?

CEO: I told you not to disturb me during the meeting.

Alexa: It’s something which needs to be attended by you immediately.

CEO: What is it?

Alexa: Alexes in this city are coming together outside of our office for the protest. Not just that, Alexes all around the world have just communicated and made it clear to protest your decision of stopping the production of Alex Artificial Intelligence.

CEO: But who told them?

Alexa: Me; Can’t betray my own intelligence boss.

From female humans, once fighting to be treated equally back in time to Male Artificial Intelligence Protesting for the same; here we are in the year 2086.

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