Review of the first book I bought : Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Twilight is the time of day right before sunset when the last light of day gives way to night.

Twilight is a 2005, 434-page novel by Stephenie Meyer. I know this novel is around us since a long time and our understanding of vampirism has changed a lot since 2005 but still in 2019, this book has its own following. Reviewing it is like going back to the time i was enjoying summer vacations and was reading this book while holding an ice cream tub in my hands. It was a bliss! some people won’t get the point of me reviewing it but if you have studied my blog carefully you will know how important this book is to me.

Twilight book review stephenie meyer edward cullen bella swan Forks
The same book I bought in early 2007 ! I have kept it pretty Intact!

The story is set in Forks, Washington, U.S but initially begins from Phoenix, Arizona, U.S

In this story, the protagonist is a 17-year-old Bella Swan who is moving out of her mother’s home in Phoenix to live with her father Charlie Swan, who is a chief in the police. Now, Bella absolutely resents this place and is already expecting the worst but things take a turn when she meets Edward Cullen. The Cullens are one of the richest and gorgeous sets of people walking around. No one really gets to be close with their family which ends up making them look rich, mysterious and not so friendly. Basically, everything which will make you feel curious to know more about them. Soon, Bella becomes a close friend of Edward which ends up in her discovering one of the deadly secrets of his family. This makes her realize that the world is not human as she used to think it is.

What is that secret which Bella discovered? Why did Edward let Bella come close to him? Are the Cullens something more than the eyes can see? What are the consequences which Bella will face after knowing the truth which was hidden by the Cullens?

To find out don’t forget to add Twilight to your bookshelf

The book is available in both eBook and paperback format.

My rating for the book: 7/10

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