Renee's notebook

Drinking coffee while reading in rain

It's June and I stopped by

an abandoned Starbucks in a

hope that I would find a cup of bland coffee.

There it was!

A pouch of coffee lying on

the counter with some

change and a notebook.

"Someone must be buying it when

all of that happened," I thought.

R E N E E ' S N O T E B O O K,

I saw it written on its cover.

So, I grabbed myself some stale

milk and sugar to make a cup of coffee,

and sat on a dusty bench to read what

was inside the notebook.

It was a diary of 12 years old,

after a few pages,

I stumbled upon an entry about,

What Renee wanted for her birthday?

It went like,

I want to see the mountains covered in

snow like vanilla on my chocolate ice cream.

I know this ain't apocal...

That's when my hand fumbled and I

spilled some coffee on it,

but I knew what it said.

I just wish I could say it otherwise.

It was an A P O C A L Y P S E.

This poem is about a girl stopping by Starbucks in a post-apocalyptic world to look for some coffee. There she finds a notebook on the counter which belongs to a girl named Renee. She realizes that someone must have kept it there while paying for the coffee but forgot to pick it up when everyone was running back to their homes for saving their lives. So, she decides to read what is written in the notebook while she makes coffee using stale milk and sugar.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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