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Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Until recently, I didn't realize how self-love is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the quality of life we lead. You might say you love yourself all the time but there is a lot more to it than just simply saying it. It's about what you think you deserve and also, it will come as a rescue on days you are not able to give your hundred percent. It won't condemn you for what happened in the past or what actions you took without realizing that they were one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Self-love will forgive you if forgiveness is what you seek. So, make some tea and pour it with all the self-love you can and read these top 5 poems I wrote for letting you know that self-love is one true love.

1. Show yourself how much you love are in love with the person you are. That can simply start with just grabbing your favorite book with boba tea or a cup of coffee and telling yourself, "I love you and you deserve this."

self love poetry

2. Never feel guilty for choosing yourself first on days, you really needed to. Life is short and you cannot spend it doing things you don't wanna do.

poems on self love

3. I know we have all heard that taking care of your skin or body is self-care and I don't disagree with the idea of it but there is another face of self-care. A face which involves cutting chords and burning bridges.

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4. Self-care is loving yourself on days when you are not getting up with the will to take action and fulfill your dreams. It will teach you to love yourself on those Mondays when watching Netflix is all you wanna do.

poetry by Rebekka Kaur

5. Work on your goals and stay committed to the person you want to see yourself as but, do not forget to love yourself for who you are in this moment. Love the person who is in the process of becoming better.

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