Read these top 5 poetry quotes to rekindle the universe inside you once again

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

We are all humans, I know. Of course! but the question is do you think is that it or do you think there is definitely something beyond all that we can see or all that we think it exists. Well, surely if you were from the former category, you wouldn't be here. Either you believe in that hidden codes of our mind and soul deeply or you are somewhere hanging between both of these categories. The truth is not out there but inside all of us and whether we will be able to unlock it or not; well that depends on our own individual efforts to look beyond this facade of the three-dimensional world in which we exist.

1. Dear human, you are made from stars and so are your dreams.

Humans are made from stars quotes

2. You are never gone forever because stars never die. They change their form maybe but no they never die.

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3. This is our only chance maybe. Maybe we are rare and we do need to exist, not for us because miracles like us just don't happen every day.

poetry quotes on stars by Rebekka Kaur

4. Let's not just be a mistake, a manifestation of thought gone wrong.

Cosmos quotes aesthetic

5. They are never gone because their body was not all that they were. They are more than what our eyes can see and you will see them again in one or the other form.

deep poetry quotes

We are more than what we let ourselves perceive. I won't say that we are not capable of seeing what we are because I believe that we all have the potential to see what we are made of. Maybe we don't let ourselves see or do not even let ouselves think that there is more to it.

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