Ramen from city

Ramen of my hometown

The city,

I am at the subway station

standing just like the others,

trying not to get drenched

in the rain which

filled my soul once.

Things were different

back at home,

it's a small village but

unlike the city,

it doesn't drain my soul

of all the ease,

instead, it's a place where

I am at ease the most.

I came here to chase my dreams

but here my dreams have

started haunting me,

engulfing me and eating me

E V E R Y S E C O N D.

The ramen here is not made

from compassion and love

but just some tastemakers


The big restaurants might have

AC's here but the not so

famous chang ramen shop

back at home had the

warmth of love added to it.

The city might be perfect but

perfect doesn't always mean home.

This poem is inspired by the movie "Flavors of youth" but it's all about the flavors of home that we miss when we move to the big city for chasing our dreams. Some are able to settle while some feel like they are torn between what fills their soul and what will fulfill their dreams. It's not easy to move to a place that isn't home and will probably never feel home. I have seen people living in big cities for years and when asked, "Which place would they choose between this big city and the place they came from?" They would always answer home. For them, home is and will always be that small city or small village they grew up in.

To all the people who are far away from that feeling right now, can do things which will remind them of their home. It can be certain decors to add at the place you live in, meeting or being friends with people who are from the same place where you come from, watching movies which you used to once watch with your family or watching movies in your local language, making dishes which remind you of home.

I promise it will at least feel home for a second.

Drop in the comments your hometown and the city you live in ♡

I'm currently living in my hometown only which is New Delhi and If I ever had to live somewhere else I would definitely miss the food 🍝


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: BloodBros on Illustration age

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