Radio of northern lights

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

From the magic lanes of Lapland

the Christmas spirit will travel on Santa's sledge,

making the bells worn by reindeers

jingle on the tunes which are playing

on the radio of northern lights & so

when the clock ticks 9 & it's time

for the Santa Claus to arrive,

the whole world slumbers in the mesmerizing

red & white wizardry of the night.

- Rebekka Kaur

Lapland; I didn't know about this place until I met a friend who lives there. I got to know from her that it's known to be the home of Mr. and Mrs. Claus and upon searching more on google I also learned that it's where the Santa has his workshop. So, since then I have added this place in my must-visit list and I just cannot wait for that day when I will actually be there. Coming back to the poem, I have mentioned in one of the lines that when clock ticks 9 & it's time for the Santa Claus to arrive...why 9? Because on the day of Christmas eve, which is one day before Christmas day, Santa Claus possibly arrives between 9 PM and midnight and hence the time in the poem is 9.

Also, fun fact:

Also, did you know the names of 7 reindeer of Mr. Claus?

They are:

🎄 Dasher

🎄 Dancer

🎄 Prancer

🎄 Vixen

🎄 Comet

🎄 Cupid

🎄 Donner

🎄 Blitzen

My favorite is Comet 🎅

What about you?

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