Quarantine log #8

It’s 6:09 in the AM right now and I hope that you all are being safe at your homes. Please do wear mask, cover your hands and don’t touch your face when it’s time for grocery hunt. I’m ordering them online and still every time I receive my order I clean the packets and door knobs and what not with disinfection spray. Kudos, to the people who are out there working for us while we stay safe in our homes. If you are like me and ordering the things you need online, be nice and thank the people who are delivering your food and other important stuff because if not for them you would be the one going out and doing shopping. Today is 30th of April, the last day of the month. This lockdown is supposed to end on 3rd of may but we cannot see it ending anytime soon yet. Chances are that it’s going to be extended just like the last time which is fine if this is for our best. This is the least we can do as a citizen of any country right now.

So, the hardest part about being in the lockdown is being away from your loved ones I guess. It can be your partner, your parents, your friends or even the room mate you used to share your room with. Sure, there are other things which make this time hard but I consider it to be the hardest. Maybe you are not able to hold your partner in your arms and feel that everything is going to be okay or maybe you are missing the food cooked by your mama. Whatever it is, I feel you. It can be harder if you are living totally alone at this time.


It will be over soon. No matter how hard it looks right now, this too is going to pass and you will be in the arms of the person you love while the sunlight will make the tears of happiness falling from your eyes like a millions of dollars of diamonds.

The best way to look at it is be grateful that you and your loved ones are safe at home; healthy. You get to hear their voice daily, look at their smiling faces on video calls. You can still tell them how your day has been and there are hundred ways to actually do some activities with them even when they are far, like playing games, watching movies and talking (lots and lots of talking). We all have listened or read somewhere that distance makes the heart grow fonder. So, maybe it’s time that we keep that in mind and wait excitedly to hug the ones we love after months of being away from them. It will be special.

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Today, let’s be grateful for the health and happiness of the ones we are in love with.

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Signing out with nothing but hope and faith in my heart for our brighter future...


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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