Quarantine log #4

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

’s 9:54 AM right now and today I have decided to do absolutely nothing. Except, I know this was important because a promise is a promise. I didn’t go outside today to look at the sunrise or birds or to notice how beautiful the sky looks because I wanted to stay indoors today and just chill. So, at 5:30 I prepared a healthy breakfast and watched an episode of Black mirror on Netflix. Honestly, I wanted to see more but what I saw was a lot to process. If I continued watching my mind would literally puke. I know that’s not something which actually happens but you know what I mean. You know there are moments when you want to take a break! Maybe skip work for a day or gym or maybe you binge on fast food even when you didn’t plan to or it’s just Monday and you just had a very fun weekend and taking a break for one more day doesn’t makes any sense. Sometimes, you will end up doing what you feel like but then you will make yourself feel guilty for that. I have done that a lot! But honestly, If this is what your mind and heart is demanding from you today, IT’S OKAY. You are allowed to break your own rules sometimes because you will be following them from the next day without any second thoughts. Okay, so enough of that.

I do feel like doing something intelligent today. That totally leads to reading a book or watching something sci-fi. Now, from past few days there is this book which I really wanna read. It’s called, “Sapiens: A brief history of Human kind” by Yuval Noah Harari. I have heard some great things about this book and I seriously cannot wait to see what’s in it and I think I’m gonna continue with Black Mirror. This series is just Mind blowing. Since, I have absolutely nothing to do today let me give you a verbal tour of my room.

Right now, I’ seeing a stack of 7 books on my study desk out of which The secret and brain hacks is my favorite. We cannot add unread books in favourite list or I would have said Think and grow rich is my favourite too. I know lots of people must be like how can you not read that? Well, I’m gonna read it soon enough. Next to is my tripod which is use to shoot my YouTube videos. Have you checked my channel though? The link is going to be at the end of this post so feel free to take a look at it. Then just adjacent to it is a mirror which I use very occasionally. Honestly, I don’t like it much so I’m gonna replace it soon and since I’m not very fond of it, resting on the mirror is a pinboard with a buddhist mantra pinned on it. I bought it from Manali last year. It’s a town in Northern India and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Then there is my bed which is facing the wall where my mirror is. There is always a stack of 4 books, all encyclopaedias talking about astronomy on my bed, two random books which I might feel like reading anytime, a teddy bear whose name is brown; he is a cartoon character of South Korean company called Line friends and finally I have some notebooks. I’m fond of them and there is 5 of them laying next to me right now and trust me I use them all. Then on the right side of me is a small bedside table with crystals on it which I love. They just look out of earth and I love that part about them. A water bottle is also giving them a company. Then I have my Alexa, my air purifier and all of that random stuff.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour.

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Don't forget that it’s okay to do absolutely nothing on some days.

Signing out with a happy face!

S E E Y A ! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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