Quarantine log #30

So, the final day of my quarantine log is here. It’s day 30th and the date today is 27th May 2020. Total cases as of today in the whole world are 5,698,421 out of which 2,902,143 are active. In India, total cases as of today are 151,876 out of which 83,004 are active cases. To the people who are living through this, they know these numbers are not correct and the world hasn’t come to this stage with the deaths of 352,475 people in the population of 8 billion people. There is much more than what meets the eyes. Right now, I’m sitting in my room writing this and having food by my side. Many didn’t have even houses to keep themselves safe because they were out there living on streets and eating what strangers left them to eat. Since, people didn’t even step out for dining out, there was no way that they would get some money or the leftovers and they were out of work because the world was shut down. Many people were out there vulnerable to death from the virus, hunger, and unemployment. I know writing this is not gonna make any difference to their lives until I step out there myself and help all of them but I’m gonna say the truth and tell you that it is out of my power to do it. But, there is something we can do. We can choose to pay the wages for the people working in our house like maid or Gardner or driver so at least they are not forced to be out there asking for help on streets. But of course, you can only do it IF you can. There is not any kind of pressure here but IF you are at a place where giving out money or any kind of help like food or water is not going to affect your situation adversely, do it. In the post lockdown world, many are going to be fired for various reasons, some people may not hire maids or any kind of house help again because maybe they don’t want someone else to come in their house. So, IF you can help those people by giving one meal for the day or increasing their salary by a few bucks, survival would get a little easier for them.

I’m just saying "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

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Three months back I didn’t even know (nobody did) that we would be living like this. I thought that this virus is going to die down in china only but then it spread to the other countries I wished to visit soon to my own country to my state and to my block. Right now, in a diameter of less than a kilometer from my house, 4-5 people are infected. But I know we can go through this because human beings have been through worse, it’s just that we don’t know how and we are going to figure out soon. Unfortunately, a lot of people won’t make it and that’s why I said it’s important that we help those whom we can. Even it’s just something one time, do it. The power of humanity lies in their compassion and love and resilience and I’m sure that if all three of these qualities stay with us through this pandemic, we will make it.

I will wait for the day when we will mark the end of this pandemic and the sun will shine again on our happy faces.

May we see each other with the smiles no longer hidden under the masks.

Let me know in the comments below, whom are you going to see first when all of this is over?

S E E Y A !! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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