Quarantine log #29

It’s day 29th of my blog post and day 63 of lockdown in my country. It started with shutting down the whole country to slowly and gradually opening stores and offices. Right now we are in the state where everything is almost open except the malls, movie halls, gyms, schools, and colleges. Basically where the crowds can gather are places which are off-limits and they are not opened yet. Some schools have started classes online whereas others are waiting to be opened. Hopefully they are going to be open soon too. People are not coming out as they used to but I think we have started to step in the post lockdown world. So, the 30th day of the quarantine log will mark the end of it. If you want me to write about the post lockdown world, let me know in the comments below.

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Today we are going to talk about the aftermath of coronavirus on globalization. Now, even though I have studied business and still studying it I won’t say I’m experienced to talk about the economic effects of this pandemic on the world. I’m not. So, we are talking about it in a non-specific sense. Before, this pandemic started globalization was at its peak. India was dependent on Canada for something and china for the other things and these countries were dependent on India for something too. Our countries were always exporting and importing a wide variety of things and never thought of making them on their own because maybe just getting them from someone who is already making it is much easier and globalization is not just about the companies trying to make a worldwide market for their products or just import or export of items but also people who move to different countries for study or job. Basically, globalization connects the whole world in a way that links the successful operation of one country to the successful operation of the other country.

I won’t say that because of this pandemic globalization will come to halt. No, it won’t come to halt but the way we globalize will change. I would like to call it globalization 2.0

In this version of globalization countries will look for a way to be less dependent on other countries. It will not end up in no trade or deals between two countries but maybe less trade or deals between the countries. Governments will try to strike a balance between importing stuff and making it in their own home countries. The next thing which might be a part of this globalization 2.0 will be E-globalisation. You won’t need to maybe go to Australia for studying a business course, it might just happen that you can take a certificate from a university in Australia while you study online just by sitting at your home. You won’t be going for any kind of meetings if the physical presence is not required (and I guess most of the time it’s not). Less immigration of people on the basis of study or work will result in a lack of cultural globalization. Talking about the political globalization, even if the pandemic attacked the whole world, national governments were the primary responders and the figure of authority for their own country rather than one single body like UN directing the whole world how to cope up with the virus.

So, the version of the globalization we know about is going to be a bit redundant in the future I guess.

Let me know your views in the comments below. I will be happy to read them.

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Written by Rebekka Kaur

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