Quarantine log #28

Updated: May 26, 2020

So, it’s 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit outside and even if this is not something unusual for Delhi, the people of Delhi never get used to it. It’s a scorching hot day and no way in hell would you dare to step outside if you don’t need to. The heat will melt you before anything else comes to you. So in my state lockdown is not the only reason anymore which is forcing people to stay in. Let me know in the comments below how is the weather in your country?

Today we are going to talk about the presence of human form in this world. Close your eyes for a second and imagine this world without any form of human life on it, look at the oceans, the forests, the deserts, the sky, the glaciers. Now I don’t know what did you see but when I closed my eyes, I saw cleaner oceans with blue but almost transparent water thriving with aquatic life and I saw more green in the forests with an abundance of animal life and I saw clear blue skies giving shelter to the eco-system of planet earth. In short, I saw more life but it didn’t make me happy because it shows how much less we care for our home; for our planet. It shows the good that will flourish on this planet once we are gone.


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When the lockdown happened I never thought that what a sigh of relief it is going to be for our planet! Our home! But then the reports started coming in that Himalayas were now visible from several states of northern India for the first time in 30 years and mind you, the mountains were like 200 km away from those states. I noticed that our river Yamuna, which several Govts were trying to clean from ages have gotten better and some of the most polluted cities got to breathe cleaner air after 10-20 years amid this lockdown. Do you know why all of this happened? It happened because we were absent.

I know that some of you will say that we are meant to use the resources of planet earth and progress if you are living in it. But tell me one thing, you also live in your own house but why hasn’t it started breaking apart because of you living in there? Because, you care for it. You get it repaired when you see cracks and get the walls painted when cement and bricks show up. You make sure that if the house can accommodate only two people then only two people are living in it. When it comes to your house, you use it but you also care for it. Then why not use a similar approach for our earth; our home? Why don’t we progress but not on the cost of our environment? Where is this progress going to take us if we are moving towards the end of this planet? It will only end up in us rebuilding everything again.

The truth is that we are paying too much for the progress we are making. We are paying for this progress by drinking unclean water, breathing polluted air, shortening our lives, consuming food full of pesticides, and losing our earth the way it used to be day by day. We have taken out one of the most important aspects of life from this earth, that is balance.

I hope we change the way we live before the scales start tipping on the wrong side.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits: earth hour from Pinterest!

visit earth's hour website to know more about the effect of climate change on our planet

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