Quarantine log #27

It’s 7:59 in the PM right now and I know I’m quite late today in putting a post for you guys but even if it’s quarantine, I still respect the Sundays. Let me know in the comments below if you still honor your Sundays or in haywire of this pandemic and continuous lockdowns you have forgotten what weekends feel like?

Two months back on this day we were told that the entire country has to stay in quarantine for the safety of themselves and their loved ones. Offices, schools, colleges, shops, malls everything was shut down and all we had with us was an ample amount of time on our hands. I know some had to work from home but a lot of people were left with nothing but time and patience. You weren’t allowed to step out which means you didn’t have to think about the dress you wanted to buy, where you wanted to go for next weekend, when will you be able to go for a dream vacation and lots of other things which occupy a significant amount of space in our head but aren’t really very helpful. We were always running behind things and suddenly those things didn’t matter anymore.

So, I wanna ask you today that are you the same person who was at the beginning of this lockdown? Has any aspect of you changed in some way?

If you say yes, well I would say then this quarantine was much fruitful for you than any vacation could be and if you say no; I would say you missed a very important window of time where you just had to focus on yourself. You had time to rethink everything.

I’m definitely not the same person I was at the beginning of quarantine.

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First, It made me realize the importance of friends, family, and relationships (basically finding your tribe). I was a person who had no luck with friendships because I had pushed a lot of people away thinking that they were not gonna stay anyway. When I finally got time to think, I realized I have been pushing people away from me all my life (especially friends). I’m glad that I’m not too late.

The second thing I realized was the importance of being consistent and focused. I have jumped from one work to other a lot in my life until two months back. I used to put efforts but they always used to be scattered in different areas of work and I wasn’t always focused on one which always left me tired, uneasy, and distracted. But while I was in quarantine, I realized that I have to take one step at a time. I can do multiple things in my life, of course but only when I have reaped the results of my hard work at least in one thing. I gotta stay committed. Unfulfilled efforts lead to unfulfilled results.

The third thing I realized was to be more in present than anywhere else. Be more in touch with the present moment than in the past or future because life is in this moment. The past is gone and the future isn’t here yet. You are losing out on your life if you lose to live in the present moment.

The fourth thing I realized was that you do not just talk to the living beings but the non-living around you. The universe is listening to all of it. When you hate that bed in your room because it’s old and every time you see it, you say in your mind that, “ugh! I hate this.” You are talking to yourself and the universe at that moment. Try to stay grateful for everything you own!

The fifth thing which I realized is to stop consuming useless content on the internet! Whether it’s scrolling down on Facebook, Instagram, or even Quora. watching or reading content that doesn’t make you happy or adds some kind of value to you but in turn, leaves your mind cluttered and messed up is not of any use. So, stop doing that to yourself.

The fifth thing I realized is that happiness comes from within and not anyone else. Sure, our friends and family magnify it by thousand times but it doesn’t mean that you depend on them for making you feel happy or fulfilled. Such kind of dependency turns relationships sour and destroy peace in mind, body, and spirit. Love yourself enough and smile, it will strengthen your relationships with the ones you love.

So, these were the top five things that made this quarantine a period worthwhile for me?

What about you?

Let me know in the comments below!

S E E Y A !! C I A O !!


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