Quarantine log #26

It’s 4:17 in the PM right now and I’m gladly late for everything today because I let myself go off my schedule once in few days and that means I haven’t read anything yet and haven’t started researching for the book I’m gonna write next. I woke up a few hours back and I’m sleepy already. LOL. Yesterday we decided to finally step out after 31st of this may but the two blocks around our area were labeled as contaminated areas today and we are not so sure anymore. If it was something important then it’s a different thing but going out for a stroll doesn’t seem a smart thing to do. I just got a snake plant from my balcony to my room and I love it. It’s my favorite plant and having it around makes me happy. If it was safe to go outside, I would definitely get more snake plants and keep them at different spots in my house.

So, we talked about the post quarantine world yesterday and today I’m going to talk about what am I gonna miss most about the pre-quarantine world in the post-quarantine world and I’m gonna avoid doing these things until at least the cases of COVID - 19 do not subside.

1. Eating the yummy food at food stalls without any kind of worries

I had this habit of going outside and eat all kinds of food that I love from food trucks and stalls. You will get the gist of it if you are an Indian.

2. Movie nights

I mean I cannot picture myself sitting in the crowd of 60-70 people who are sitting with a distance

of less than a feet between each other. Nah! Netflix is fine!

3. Shopping and roaming without any worries in the mall

This means I’m gonna shop as much as I can online only. Shopping in the mall in the crowd of

100-200 (or even more because it’s India) won’t seem very much safe.

4. Traveling

This especially is going to be a big no until the vaccination of coronavirus comes in the market. My best travel attempts are going to be from my house to the car and then from driving in the car

to my house again without getting out of the car in between.

5. Letting people in my house

I mean this is going to be my safe haven and I cannot jeopardize that. So, family and friends gatherings are going to be a big no too (until everyone promises to dress up in hazmat suits)

6. Spending

This pandemic has made me realize the importance of bank balance. Not that I faced any problem but I do understand that spending money on things we don’t need is for the best and that money can come in handy anytime. I mean I should be prepared for living without any worries even if I don’t feel safe going to work for the next two years. So, I’m going to be very mindful of where my money is going.

7. Dining out

Hmm! Nice but I’m fine. I’m gonna use the things at my home and make something nice for me. Forget about sitting in a restaurant and eat, I’m not even gonna eat from outside.

8. Attending weddings

I will see you on a video call and this is the first time I’m saying it but I won’t even come for free food.

9. Going to events

What? What is that?

10. Using public transport

No way I’m going to take the metro (subway) to reach anywhere. I would rather sit at home or just walk up to that place.

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below.

S E E Y A !! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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