Quarantine log #24

Homo Sapiens, a species called sapiens of the genus homo. There was a time when we were not the only species belonging to genus homo living on this planet. We had brothers and sisters which were wiped off from the face of this planet because either we killed them all or we merged and if we did merge then it means we are not purely sapiens but a good blend of sapiens and other species like Neanderthalensis and homo Erectus and many others. The evidence that we have gathered till now from fossils and archaeological sites proves the former theory, i.e, we basically drove other species of our genus to extinction. Now, that happened because of natural reasons or because we waged a war on them is an entirely different story.

Based on that history of homo sapiens meaning our history tells us that we have zero tolerance towards the group of people who are different than us. It’s like something may be coded in our genetics because we all know the wars and genocides humans have performed just because a group of people were different based on ethnicity or culture or basically anything. It’s like a stronger group trying to overpower the weaker. It’s in our nature.

So, does that mean we are just creatures hungry for power all the time? To some extent yes because even if today something which is as capable and intelligent as us emerges on this planet, the first thing it will make us think is that it’s a direct threat to our survival. We will do everything to be the most “powerful” of all.

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Won’t we? Let me know your answers in the comments below.

Now, if we were just animals without the ability of thinking deeply about our actions and just following the nature of the genes then I would say, yeah! Let’s just be like that. But we are not and we have the ability to make choices and maybe go against our nature sometimes. I don’t really expect that on a larger scale that if some other powerful and intelligent species emerges on this planet then we won’t do a thing but at least we can have tolerance and love towards our own kind, at the very least. We can choose to have love and tolerance towards the people who are probably different than us because they belong to different race or country or religion because even after all these differences we can choose to ignore them and just focus on one single fact that we are all same; we are all humans. There is a space for each one of us in this world and if we are together than we can conquer anything. That anything today is a coronavirus, a pandemic which modern humans have to deal with and I’m glad that most of us are dealing with it together. Because, it’s the only way. The only way to survive.

Yes, the truth is that the most powerful ones survive always but the bigger truth than that is, togetherness is the biggest power.


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