Quarantine log #22

It’s 3:53 in the PM right now and I’m waiting for the new guidelines to come for lockdown 4.0 in my country. The weather is weird outside, neither it's scorching hot nor it feels like that it’s gonna rain. Today is Sunday, so it would be perfect if it does rain though. Yesterday, I couldn’t make an entry because I was cleaning for the whole day. God! Such a tiring day and partially scary. My room’s fan stopped working and we had to get it fixed and for that, we had to do the obvious; call the electrician. But, it wasn’t easy to do so because making someone enter your house at this time is inviting the chance to get infected with the virus. But, in my country, the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius and that’s too much. Somehow I gathered the courage to call the electrician and got the work done, but after he was gone, I had to clean everything like a maniac and it was very tiring and time-consuming. I got free at around 8 in the evening and at that time I didn’t have the energy left to write something for the blog.

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After all this, I’m glad that I got to sleep peacefully on Sunday afternoon and yes, I cut my own hair yesterday. This is something I never thought I would do, but my hairs were getting long and I’m liking the bob haircut these days, so I had to do it myself. I was 89% sure that I was going to mess it up and it’s going to be really embarrassing for me to show my face to anyone for the next one month (though I knew that nobody is going to get to see me for the next one month too because of quarantine) but hey, I do look at myself when I look in the mirror. So, yeah, it mattered somehow. I stood in front of the mirror with scissors for at least 20 minutes, thinking how I was gonna start but then I was like, screw it. But then I imagined myself in a shaggy haircut style and I didn’t really like how I looked. So, I dropped the scissors down and opened YouTube on my phone. I searched “haircut at home women” and a 4-year-old video came up. The girl explained it in the best way possible, but I didn’t really listen to any of it. I was too tired to hear “HOW TO CUT MY OWN HAIR” lecture at this point, so I just saw that she did it very nicely and it was enough for me. I was like If she can do it, I can do it too and I did. I loved how it turned out and smirked about the money I have saved by not going to a salon. I gave a hideous laugh to my hairdresser in my head and told everyone important to me about this little achievement. The fact that I can do it and if someday I’m sitting in a TV Interview and the other person asks me if I have cut my own hair ever, I can say yes. Yeah, that’s the only reason I gave ME a haircut. So, by this, I want to tell you that sometimes these little things give us so much happiness. Like baking for the first time, giving yourself a haircut for the first time, reading a complete novel for the first time or watching a good documentary for the first time or maybe even punching in the face for the first time, these things give us a sense of a feeling which says “ I DID IT ” and trust me it makes you so so happy. This quarantine do things which make you say that “YOU DID IT” S E E Y A ! ! C I A O ! !


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture by: @awriter on blog

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