Quarantine log #21

It’s 3:48 in the PM right now and I’m sitting in my bed with fruits and milk by my side. It’s my breakfast and I’m thinking of baking some chips today. Surely, I’m going to share the results with you guys. I hope that yesterday’s log was useful for you, in which we talked about the top 30 things to do in quarantine. The weather was amazing yesterday but unfortunately, I didn’t prefer to go out in the balcony or terrace to enjoy it because someone in our block got the virus and their house is really close to ours. So, out of being just being completely safe, I’m preferring to stay indoors.

The thunderstorm and winds were something to enjoy but I missed out on that. Even before this lockdown happened I have been someone who still gets excited about beautiful weather, moon, and sun. But, many don’t because they maybe feel like that there is nothing unusual or special in rising of the sun and full moon and clouds and winds. They believe that it happens every day and there is nothing to be excited about it.

I believe these things are special and we should be grateful for them. We should be grateful for the golden rays of the sun which travel the distance of 151.24 million km just to touch our face. We should be grateful for the silver, spectral like the light of the moon on dark nights and we should be grateful for the winds which guide the lost things back to their homes and for the clouds under which we hope for the raindrops to visit the earth’s surface and magnify all the earthly scents we couldn’t sense before.

It’s not unusual maybe but it’s pulchritudinous! (I mean beautiful, LOL.)

grateful for sun rays, being grateful in quarantine, quarantine log 21

Now, that more than half of the world is in lockdown and some of the people are not even allowed to step even in their balconies and terrace, sunsets and stars and rain and winds are something which they are not allowed to experience. People have realized that it was always beautiful to have those things as a part of our day and nights, it’s just that they became oblivious to the beauty of them. We should have always been grateful for the sun rising because what if one day it doesn’t? We should always be grateful for our earth rotating because what if one day it stops rotating? Just because we get to experience certain things because they are just bound to happen, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be grateful for them. If the sun’s nature is to give light then that doesn’t mean that we cannot or should not be grateful for that light. If it’s the nature of stars to embellish the night sky, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be grateful for their presence. Even if these things are bound to happen, they can be erased from our experience anytime. So, next time when you catch a ray of sun in the morning, be grateful that you got to experience it.


S E E Y A ! C I A O !!


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture credits: @heikala on twitter

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