Quarantine log #2

Updated: May 26, 2020

It’s 10:02 right now and I just got done with posting my YouTube video! *PROMOTION ALERT* (If you are interested link is going to be at end of this blog post) Okay, so as I said yesterday, my sleep schedule is like totally messed and I’m going to proof that, I sleep at 4 in the afternoon and wake up at 12 in night. I don’t if that’s normal and I would definitely want to know at what time you guys are sleeping, so let me know in the comments below. But I’m glad for one thing that at least my mom cannot tell me to wake up on time. LOL. Okay, so my day started with having an half an hour walk on terrace which was very pleasant. The clouds looked like white velvet dipped in blue ocean and something I couldn’t help but notice today was the birds that I have never seen since my childhood. I mean the regular crows and pigeons are fine but dove has started to make a visit and some sparrows which I don’t know the name of but they looked really pretty and were a little pink in color. I have never seen them before here and It made me realise the negative impact of the modern world on planet Earth. Then I also made some healthy breakfast for me today after a long time which consisted of my regular cocoa milk and sandwiches. Cooking can be really fun sometimes, trust me! Because I enjoyed the whole process of making it. I was glad that I could do it for myself on my own. The whole day is in front of me and there is no rush. I don’t need to get ready for reaching somewhere. I don’t have to worry about the new movie I’m gonna miss out on if I don’t go to watch it. The world is at halt and life has slowed down. It’s a kind of reset which you would have never gotten otherwise.

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So, breathe! Grab some books and read them sipping on each and every word of it slowly! Do not be in a rush to finish it because the only thing this quarantine has borrowed us is time to live this life.


That is only guys If you stay safe inside your homes. It will keep you and your loved ones safe.

Closing down today, as I suddenly start feeling hungry again. It’s time for a snack hunt.


Written by Rebekka Kaur

Picture: unknown

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