Quarantine log #18

Hey! I know that I didn’t make an entry on my blog yesterday and I really missed writing to you guys too! More than I thought. But, I have something big coming up instead. My book which is called “The stardust in my soulbones” is going to be live tomorrow which is 12th of May 2020, Tuesday. Honestly, I’m very excited about this one and more info about it will be available on the home screen of my blog soon. This is what kept me busy yesterday because I had to prepare it to make it available on kindle.

So, coming back to today. It’s 6:32 PM right now and I’m listening to the sound of rain on my Alexa. It’s been 62 days since coronavirus has been declared a pandemic and for 48 days my country is in the state of lockdown. I have been writing these entries for around more than 15 days now and till now I haven’t really shared my views on the pandemic which you, I, and the whole world have been going through. Maybe because I wasn’t very comfortable writing about it initially but people who have been reading my blog diligently for days now deserve to know what is my take on it. Can we see this pandemic in the positive light? Is there really a way of doing that?

For mostly all of us, this pandemic came out of nowhere. We were going on with our daily lives and even if nothing was perfect at least everything looked right in the world. I myself was on a trip to West Bengal in the eastern side of India with my partner and family, and everything looked alright at that time except the subtle hint of a virus that was going to knock on the doors of our country soon. But, that even didn’t make us realize that situation would be so bad that after just less than 30 days of our trip, almost whole world would be in the state of lockdown. I for one never thought that we will get to live in a situation like this. For this, the whole world was unprepared. This pandemic caught the whole world off guard and in just a few days the kind of world we have been building since the globalization took place, came to a halt.

The first few days were hard and I wished for this to be over the next day (which I want to happen even right now) but then things started to settle a little bit because we accepted that at least the next two-three months are going to look like this. There were moments when I imagined the worst turn this pandemic can turn and then there moments when I believed that it’s going to be over soon. I tried to look at what good it will do to the human world and absolutely nothing came to my mind initially but after thinking a little harder I started to compare how the life of modern humans was before this pandemic, is during the pandemic and will be after the pandemic. If you see closely this pandemic was like a wake-up call to the modern human civilization that we are not as invulnerable as we thought so before all of this took place. Not just that; it made us see that it’s not extra-terrestrials or an asteroid that is capable of wiping us off from the face of this planet but we alone are enough to kill ourselves. In fact, before any of the grave astronomical events we talk about will happen, if not all then a huge chunk of human civilization could be gone.

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Once this is over we all will be aware of the fact that we as modern humans shouldn’t be ignorant of the fact that our modern society can collapse in days if the danger is big enough. People who run this world will try to find ways to be safe from such occurrences in the future maybe and meanwhile, some of us will stop taking things for granted.

We will get to see how our environment changed for better when we were not there to ruin it. We will get to know that this planet probably doesn’t need us but we need this planet. You see, the homes we are trying to find in outer space are not in need of us but it’s our need and desperation which is making us find ways to reach them. The same thing goes for our own planet. We need to take care of the earth for our own survival, not the earth’s survival. It will heal, recover, and will be reborn within the days of our absence but we will be gone forever.

So, this is how we can see this pandemic in a positive light and promise our earth a better version of us once this is all over because our earth deserves it.

S E E Y A ! ! C I A O ! !


Written by Rebekka Kaur

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